Locksmithing Degree - Online and Campus Programs

Among other things, a locksmith provides security and peace of mind for customers protecting their valuables or even themselves. Whether you work for the neighborhood locksmith, or are the locksmith technician for a large corporation, this job can be both challenging and rewarding.
When you think of a locksmithing tech, you think of being locked out of something that you need to enter. In this moment of desperation, the locksmith comes to the rescue! While this is often the duty of a locksmithing technician, it is not the whole job. Other opportunities include:
  • Building and maintaining a company's physical security measures
  • Educating customers about new security technologies
  • Welding and safe construction/deconstruction
With proper locksmithing training, you can make yourself invaluable to a family's or a company's daily activities.

Are Locksmithing Classes Available?

The equivalent of a locksmithing degree is experience. Employers train you or expect you to have trained under a professional. Still, there are locksmithing programs that can lead to a certification if you look in the right places. The Institutional Locksmiths' Association provides certification programs regularly, as well as events and meetings for the community of locksmithing technicians. Online courses and study materials are also offered to provide professionals with training on the latest security technologies.

Earning Potential and Job Outlook for the Locksmith Tech

On average, a locksmith can earn $43,600 annually, while that number can be closer to $60,000 for experienced locksmith technicians. Over the next eight to ten years, employment opportunities for locksmiths are expected to grow about 7-13 percent, which includes about 6,000 new job openings.