Fitness and Sports Trainer Degree - Online and Campus Programs

Having a passion for health, fitness, or sports can lead to a rewarding and active career as a personal athletic trainer. Intrigued? Read on!

What is Fitness and Sports Training?

Several careers can be grouped into this general category:
  • Sports Trainer
  • Personal Athletic Trainer
  • Personal Sports Training
  • Fitness and Sports Trainer
If you pursue any of these career paths, you educate, instruct, and motivate people to achieve fitness or lifestyle goals through physical activity. Some of the most important characteristics for a successful sports trainer include patience, dedication, positivity and energy.

Fitness and Sports Trainer Classes

The fitness and sports trainer degree types differ depending on what specialty you pursue. Generally, trainers can:
  • acquire a bachelor's degree in exercise science, physical education, kinesiology, or a related field
  • achieve certification through a reputable certifying agency
  • undergo specialized training with an experienced fitness professional
As health and fitness become more popular, the competition for jobs among fitness and sports trainers increases. Fitness and sports trainer programs can help you get noticed!

Fitness and Sports Trainer Salaries and Job Outlook

On average, a trainer makes $29,210 annually. Often this is accompanied by free membership to the gym, health insurance options, and the opportunity to conduct personal athletic training with customers. Additionally, a self-employed personal sports trainer in certain areas of the country can make well beyond this figure. This is a great time to be considering the field, as jobs are expected to increase faster than the average occupation. In the next eight years, it is expected that employment in the fitness arena will have increased about 29 percent!