Data Entry Degree - Online and Campus Programs

Are people impressed by your keen eye, attention to detail, and ability to retain information? A data entry specialist employs these attributes daily to transcribe important information and prepare master copies of confidential material.

What Does a Data Entry Specialist Do?

A data entry specialist reformats, inputs, and transcribes many of our modern documents. While most schools do not have data entry programs, such a curriculum could include typing, organizational studies, statistics, and computer training. Within the field, a data entry specialist can focus on word processing or typing. Their day is primarily spent surveying documents, charts, or statistics, and inputting or formatting the information as instructed.

How Can You Become a Data Entry Specialist?

Data entry degrees are not currently available, and many data entry specialists are hired from school. To have an edge over the competition, however, it is smart to invest in data entry training that can help prepare you for the work:

  • Typing and keyboard classes
  • Microsoft Office tutorials
  • Database management tutorials
  • General computer courses

Data Entry Career Outlook

The average income for a data entry specialist is about $31,000 annually. The profession includes perks such as the ability to work remotely and choose your own hours. Many new technologies are doing the work that was once managed by data entry specialists. For this reason, jobs are slated to decline slightly throughout the next decade. There is still a need for data entry specialists, however, so if this could be the right path for you, learn more!