Company Size
More than 10,001 Employees
Company Type
Denver, Colorado
Company Description

ProBuild is the nation’s largest supplier of building materials to national builders, local contractors and do-it-yourselfers. We carry the whole spectrum of construction products from engineered wood, gypsum, and siding to custom fabricated staircases and trim.


Our integrated services (including panelization, truss manufacturing, gypsum installation and more) help yo ...More

Hiring Data:
2011 Hires
Entry-Level Intern Master's
10 10 0
2010 Hires
Entry-Level Intern Master's
11 14 0
2009 Hires
Entry-Level Intern Master's
3 6 1
2008 Hires
Entry-Level Intern Master's
3 5 0
2007 Hires
Entry-Level Intern Master's
10 10 2
Top 5 Most Desired Majors for 2011 New Hires:
  1. Business Administration
Top Candidate Characteristics
  1. Interviewing / Communication Skills
  2. Internship / Experience
  3. Major / Degree
  4. Computer Skills
  5. GPA
  6. College Graduated From
  7. Personal Appearance
  8. Peace Corps / other social service
Hired employees with online degrees


Job types available for new hires


Top three ways that recruit job applicants


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