Employer Information

Know your market. Good advice for a sales rep selling a product, but even more important to a job seeker selling their product to employers. Know all you can about potential before making contact. Then continue researching to find the employers (and information about those employers) that will give you a strategic advantage.

Following are your links to finding entry level employers (and links to information about each of the employers listed):

  • Top Entry Level Employers
    Take a look at our annual list of top employers, including number of projected hires for each.
  • Best of the Web Employer Links
    Go directly to the entry level careers page for many of the top employers. In addition, many sites provide additional company information that is invaluable in preparing for the interview, including product information and market positioning. You can also gain access to information on benefits, career path, and promotional opportunities at many of these sites.
  • Finding Hiring Employers
    Don't rely exclusively on the the above Web links. Use these savvy direct contact techniques to find and get inside employers that are hiring!
  • Advertising Agency Information
    Ad Agencies - Find out more about advertising options for your clients here at CollegeGrad.com.