Manicurist Degree - Online and Campus Programs

A Career as a Manicurist

Manicurists make an art out of beautifying the hands. They clean, cut, file, shape, and decorate the fingernails, and often massage the hands and forearms. Manicurists provide a relaxing and luxurious service that is in high demand everywhere by both men and women.

A Day in the Life of a Nail Tech

Most nail technicians work in nail salons. Large, full-service salons often employ at least two nail technicians. A well-ventilated, open workplace is essential for the health of manicurists, as some of the chemicals used can be toxic without proper ventilation. A typical work day includes manicuring natural nails, applying and removing artificial nails, pedicuring, and hand and foot massage. This type of work is physical but rewarding, as each client walks out with clean, fresh, and perfectly painted nails. They often leave a cash tip behind.

Manicurist Educational Requirements

One advantage of a manicurist program is that it can be completed quickly. Many manicurists spend only a few months (nearly always less than one year) earning the 500 to 850 hours required for their manicurist certificate. Programs and certification exams are offered in a wide range of languages. Manicurists can find consistent, lucrative, high-volume work at:
  • Airports
  • Hotels and cruise ships
  • Home visits with clients
  • Nail salons (often commission work).
The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that projected growth for this industry through 2018 is much faster than average, by nearly 20 percent. The median income for manicurists and pedicurists is $19,670 per year.