Occupational Therapy Quickstart Resume Templates

The Quickstart Resume Templates are stored in 6 different primary file formats as well as a default text file format. Please choose the file format which most closely matches your current word processor (or the file format which can be most easily imported into your word processor) to begin download of the template:

Your browser will either recognize the file type and immediately open your word processor with the document loaded or it will give you the option to "Open File" or "Save File." If you select "Open File," you may be prompted to select which program (your word processor .exe file) to open the file with. From this point forward, all files opened with this file extension will use this word processor as the default. If you select "Save As," the file will be stored in a directory of your choice and will then need to be opened directly from your word processor. If your browser does not allow you to directly click on the link to load the document with your word processor, you may want to right click on the link, then save the file to your hard drive to be opened within your word processor.

If you have difficulties, please review our Quickstart Frequently Asked Questions.

After you have modified the template, you may remove the last line on the template (the copyright line), which is intended to be kept with any template to direct users to download the template only from our site.