Job Search Preparation

Take the time to properly plan your career before you begin searching for a job. If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there. Plan the road and the steps along the way.

  • Career Planning
    Proper career planning is the starting point. Research the full details of more than 350 different careers online here at
  • Free Career Analysis
    Get a free career analysis and assessment using the MAPP (Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential).
  • College Grad Job Hunter book
    Read the #1 selling book for entry level job search, available for free online only here at!
  • Job Search Prep
    Follow these straightforward steps to get your job search off to a productive start!
  • Career Bookstore
    Browse through our recommended career and job search titles at our online career bookstore, with instant ordering through
  • Ask the Hiring Manager Job Search Forum and answers on a variety of topics related to entry level job search. All questions are original submissions from college students and recent grads, with personal answers given by Brian Krueger, author of the book College Grad Job Hunter. You can even submit your own questions direct Brian online!
  • Job Hunter E-Zine Column
    Look up the latest installments in this E-Zine, the #1 college newspaper column for entry level job search.
  • Real World Experience
    Experience counts. Look at these ways to develop and document practical experience, putting you above your competition.
  • Job Search Central
    Prep on re-organizing your life for taking on the job of finding a job.
  • Online Degree Center
    Find a degree program for Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, MBA, PhD and certificate programs to advance your career.