Tracy Q. Graduate

456 College Hall
Normal, IL 67890
123 Main Street
Anytown, CA 12345

OBJECTIVE:     Auditor position in the public accounting field in the Chicago area.

SUMMARY:       •   More than two years of progressive accounting and auditing experience.
                        •   Auditor internship with Ernst & Young in New York City.
                        •   Magna Cum Laude graduate with BBA in Accounting.
                        •   Proficient with MS Office, Windows XP, and the Internet.

EDUCATION:    Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, May 2008
                        Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois
                        Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a GPA of 3.6 on a 4.0 scale

                        Courses taken included:
                        Managerial Accounting                 Corporate Audit and Reconciliation
                        Intermediate Accounting I & II     Financial Management
                        Accounting I & II                        Internal Audit
                        Accounting for Not-For-Profits     Managerial Economics

EXPERIENCE:   Auditor Internship, May 2007 to August 2007
                        Ernst & Young, New York, New York
                        •   Participated in the annual audit of Omega Megalithic Holdings, including development of the                         final certification report.
                        •   Participated in quarterly audit of Alpha Bank Corporation, including identification and                         correction of over twenty major accounting errors.
                        •   Developed several Excel spreadsheet macros currently in use for reducing entry time and                         automatically cross-referencing for errors.
                        •   Received Employee of the Month award twice—first intern ever to win the award.

                        Accounts Payable/Bookkeeping Clerk, May 2005 to Present
                        Anytown Tax and Bookkeeping Service, Anytown, New York
                        •   Assisted (via remote) with payroll, tax, and account processing.
                        •   Developed automated monthly sales tax payment system.
                        •   Implemented Rapid Tax Refund service for individual customers.

ACTIVITIES:      •   Vice President, Student Accountancy Chapter, 2007-2008
                        •   Treasurer, Beta Gamma Sigma honors society, 2007-2008
                        •   Dorm Resident Assistant, 2006-2008

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