Cover Letter Checklist

Use this checklist to ensure that your cover letter is complete:

  • One page only and limited to three targeted paragraphs

  • Type written or word processor, with full spell check and proofing

  • Written to someone specific, with the name and title spelled correctly

  • Company name and address are correct and complete

  • Quality bond paper, 8x11 inches, ideally the same as your resume

  • Three focused paragraphs (focused on the reader's needs, not yours)

  • Closes with "Sincerely,"--anything else can be too chummy

  • Signed with a blue or black pen

  • Includes a P.S. for emphasis

  • Place the resume behind and fold in a tri-fold, with no staples

  • Type or neatly print address on envelope

  • Seal the envelope

  • Conservative stamp on the envelope

  • Final step: do not forget to follow up, or all the other steps will be in vain!

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