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Want the straight story on how to find a job? The job search advice at this site is direct from the #1 best-selling book for entry level job search, "College Grad Job Hunter" by Brian Krueger. The entire contents of this book are online here at our site, available to you for free! This is the same material being sold at bookstores and for $15 (actually, at a 30% discount at, but is available entirely online here at our site for free. Pick and choose the exact information you need to move your job search forward right now. And the information is all geared specifically to entry level college students and recent grads. is the ONLY major job search site to have the entire contents of a best-selling job search book available on its site--for FREE! So we have far more actual job search content than any other major job site.

Our job search information is uniquely different:

  • We provide DETAILED information on all aspects of entry level job search. For example, not just a page or two on how to write a resume, but all of the details, along with more than 200 free resume templates.
  • All of our job search information is specific to entry level college students and recent grads. While many of the techniques and tactics are timeless, they are all written specifically for the entry level college audience.
  • The information is written by Brian Krueger, an active hiring manager, from the perspective of the person who can hire you. You will learn all you need to know to get in, get interviewed and get hired!
  • This information is written to be put into practice immediately. No philosophy, no fluff and puff, just down in the trenches techniques and tactics to set you apart from the crowd.

This information has helped thousands of college students in their search for jobs...find out what it can do for you!

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