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Ask the Hiring Manager is an online career forum designed specifically for college students and recent grads, with answers to many common job search questions provided by Brian Krueger, author of the book College Grad Job Hunter.

Forum - Career

  • What is the difference between the following terminologies: internship, experiential learning, co-op, service learning, field study, community service, and volunteer intern?  Read More
  • When should I begin shifting my focus from looking for my "ideal" job to just finding a job?  Read More
  • Is it okay to contact and set up informational interviews prior to his second interview with three of the departments that would be reporting to…  Read More
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Forum - Employer Research

  • I am trying to get a job with the airlines, but having trouble getting in the door. Any suggestions?  Read More
  • What types of companies (large, small, startups, etc.) are looking for recent college graduates?  Read More
  • I'm having trouble finding jobs in wildlife conservation field. Any suggestions?  Read More
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Forum - Internet

  • I'm wondering about posting my resume on my homepage--is this a good idea for job possibilities after college?  Read More
  • How can I get access to the newsgroup misc.jobs.resumes?  Read More
  • I am a new Internet user. What is ASCII format or HTML format used for resume posting? Where can I find those specifications?  Read More
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Forum - Managing

  • Would I be jumping ship if I left my current position to take a different one with better pay and better hours?  Read More
  • I want to send an updated resume to all the companies that have my old resume from after graduation, since I now have more experience.…  Read More
  • I was laid off after only three months at my first job.  What do I need to do to recover to look for a new…  Read More
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Forum - Prep

  • I'm only a student with limited experience, while most jobs require x years of experience. Would an internship be appropriate--paid or even unpaid?  Read More
  • I'm a December grad and I haven't found a job yet because of my low GPA. Any suggestions?  Read More
  • How does the fact that employers are looking to fill a position ASAP go with the fact that I will graduate in 4 months and…  Read More
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