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Job Hunter is the leading college newspaper column for entry level job search. Browse through the articles--all original, all informative. All written by Brian Krueger--an active Hiring Manager who works on the inside of the hiring process.

Confessions of an Entry Level Hiring Manager - Part One

I have some confessions to make. I'm a Hiring Manager. I can hire you. But I can also decide not to hire you. And for…  Read More

Confessions of an Entry Level Hiring Manager - Part Two

The company site interview. Very few college students will make it this far with our company. Only 10-20%. Most students are weeded out during on-campus…  Read More

Getting Inside Hiring Companies

Probably the most difficult task for a college student to undertake is to penetrate the armor of a company where they have no internal leads…  Read More

Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions

Mental fear of the unknown is often what produces the physical reaction of nervousness. In addition to preparing your mind and body physically, you also…  Read More

How to Handle Illegal Interview Questions

The interview is going along smoothly. You're psyched that "this may be the one." And then it happens. Out of nowhere. "Are you considering having…  Read More

How to Make Your Resume Irresistible

Have you ever received a free computer disk in the mail or as an add-on to a magazine? Free disks still hold a certain fascination…  Read More

How to Make Yourself Irresistible to Potential Employers

Think about the last purchase you made, large or small. Why did you buy the item? Because the benefits were greater than the costs. Simple…  Read More

Job Fair Success

Job fairs are becoming a common means of entry level recruiting. For the corporate recruiter, it offers an opportunity to reach interviewing terminal velocity--the highest…  Read More

Job Search on the Internet

While the Internet has earned a well-deserved "Most Hype for the New Millenium" title for all its media coverage, job search has become established as…  Read More

Making the Most of On-Campus Interviewing

On-campus interviewing has been on a long, slow decline for the past fifteen years at college campuses nationwide. The past five years have seen one…  Read More