Entry level MBA jobs

Earning an MBA is a surefire way to advance your career--or, to enter the fast track when starting in a new field. Applying for an entry level job with an MBA under your belt gives you additional leverage and negotiating power that can prove useful--especially if you do not have experience in a given field. Before starting your search for entry level jobs fresh out of business school, you should make sure that you have a good idea of what jobs will be the most likely to reward you for the time and effort spent on a higher degree. For certain jobs, it is critical to have an MBA in order to advance; for others, it is not necessary.

Once you have a clear idea of what the demand for MBAs looks like, you should focus your research on the types of industries or positions that would give you the most responsibilities and opportunities to advance into managerial positions. In the current state of the economy, now is a critical time to leverage your network so that you can be presented with the best opportunities with your degree.

Based on a report by payscale.com, some of the popular companies to work for with an MBA are: Bank of America Corp. (salary range: $57,461 - $99,086), IBM ($85,514 - $139,000), and Hewlett-Packard ($52,529 - $92,665). Salary ranges vary greatly between positions, ranging from entry level to more senior levels, depending on years of experience and location. According to payscale.com, the median annual salary for employees with an MBA with less than one year of experience is $46,517.