Entry-Level Human Resources Jobs

As companies begin to place a greater emphasis on employee satisfaction, the role of the human resources professional becomes increasingly important. That’s why now is a great time to be seeking entry-level human resources jobs.

The HR department, in a nutshell, is responsible for aligning work happiness with company goals. Specifically, this involves developing policies, systems and practices in a range of areas including benefits, performance management, professional development, and morale building.

According to the BLS, employment of human resources professionals is on the rise, and is expected to grow 24 percent by the year 2018. In order to take advantage of one of the HR jobs that will be opening up, a bachelor’s degree is required and an HR-related internship might help you stand out from the competition. If, however, you don’t have internship experience, you would do well to emphasize the group work you have been a part of during college; it brings to attention your ability to work well with others, which is a large part of the human resources profession. The average entry-level human resources salary, according to salary.com, is $36,312. Jumps in salary can be expected depending on years of experience and your ability to perform well on the job. So if you consider yourself to be a people person with great communications skills, you stand to excel in an entry-level human resources job.