Entry-Level Finance Jobs

Money makes the world go ‘round—so if you’re good with money, you’re golden. In fact, why not share your knowledge and skills with others by entering the field of finance? Entry-level finance jobs give you the opportunity to help people manage and understand their financial issues. An entry-level job in finance might consist of the following types of jobs:

  • Financial Planning. A financial planner gives people advice about what to do with their money in the future. For those wishing to become Certified Financial Planners, certification is available from the Certified Financial Professional Standards, Inc.
  • Money Management. A money management professional works with business to help them manage their financial investments. Trading of hedge funds and portfolio management are some of the job functions of a money management professional.
  • Commercial Banking. Someone who works in commercial banking is employed by a branch of a commercial bank. This can include positions as a loan officer, credit analyst, financial analyst or branch manager.
There are other jobs outside the scope of the above roles, too, but regardless of the specific role, those seeking entry-level finance jobs should possess a keen eye for detail and good analytical skills. In general, entry-level finance jobs are more lucrative than other entry-level jobs. According to the leading salary website salary.com, entry-level finance salary is $48,866.