Entry-level Accounting Jobs

We live in an age of Ponzi schemes and accounting scandals, when business corruption is reflected daily in news stories featuring things like Martha Stewart’s imprisonment for insider trading. As a result, emerging is a much greater emphasis on accountability, transparency and controls in financial reporting. As company reporting practices and accounting procedures evolve, opportunities for accountants will expand. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 279,400 new accounting jobs will arise between now and 2018. That’s why today is a great time to seek entry-level jobs in accounting.

In order to seek employment as an entry-level accountant, a bachelor’s degree in accounting is required. Graduates wishing to advance their careers can also obtain additional certification in order to become Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). Once properly educated and/or certified, entry-level accountants can seek employment in public accounting firms, government agencies and large and small businesses across the United States.

According to the lead salary information site salary.com, average entry-level accounting salary is $43,796. This figure can vary greatly, though, depending on the specific role of the accountant. For example, a forensic accountant will have a different salary than a government auditor. Overall, though, entry-level accounting jobs can be quite lucrative—and in today’s business landscape, they can also be quite steady.