College Career Centers

Following are resources available to college career centers:

  • Commitment to College Career Centers is committed to working with college career centers as partners. Please read our public statement of this commitment.
  • Link To Us is the most linked to entry level career site, with more than 8,000 total links and more than 2,000 links direct from .edus. If you would simply like to establish a link to our site, follow these easy instructions.
  • Job Hunter Newsletter
    Subscribe to our weekly e-mail newsletter, complete with job search tips and listings of new entry level job postings.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
    We have the entire contents of the Occupational Outlook Handbook online and fully keyword searchable. No need to take the hardcopy guide off your shelf and loan it out. Research more than 350 different careers online.
  • Quickstart Resume Templates
    We provide your students with more than 180 fully customizable Quickstart Resume Templates. Resumes templates are available for 35 different majors (from Accounting to Zoology) are are provided to you and your students free of charge! These resume templates are all entry level, all exclusively here at
  • Career Bookstore
    Browse through our recommended career and job search titles at our new online career bookstore, with instant ordering through
  • College Grad Job Hunter
    Read the entire contents of this bestselling book for college student and recent grad job search. All online, all for free!
  • Employer Interview Questions
    Review our list of fifty standard entry level interview questions.
  • Candidate Interview Questions
    The other side of the interview--questions that candidates can (and should) ask.