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Nature of the Work

This section discusses what workers do. Individual job duties may vary by industry or employer. For instance, workers in larger firms tend to be more specialized whereas those in smaller firms often have a wider variety of duties. Most occupations have several levels of skills and responsibilities through which workers may progress. Beginners may start as trainees performing routine tasks under close supervision. Experienced workers usually undertake more difficult tasks and are expected to perform with less supervision.

The influence of technological advancements on the way work is done is mentioned. For example, the Internet allows purchasers to acquire supplies with a click of the mouse, saving time and money. This section of statements also discusses emerging specialties. For instance, sales engineers—who combine the education of an engineer with the challenge of sales—comprise a specialty within manufacturers’ and wholesale sales representatives.

*Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor. Used by permission.

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