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Advertising, Marketing, & PR Managers: Career, Salary and Education Information

Career Profile: What do Advertising, Marketing & PR Managers do?
Marketing managers estimate the demand for products and services offered by their clients and respond with the proper scope and amount of marketing. They manage product development managers, market research managers, and other marketing professionals in order to identify potential markets, develop pricing strategies, and monitor trends.

Advertising managers oversee a staff of promotions and advertising workers, using their background in the industry to manage account services, assess advertising needs, and maintain their clients' accounts. Managers in advertising are split into creative directors, media directors, and account executives.

Public relations (PR) managers are experts on their audiences, directing publicity programs along with available communication media to reach their targeted group. They evaluate advertising and promotions programs to determine their efficacy and keep an eye on local and national trends in order to stay current.

A Day in the Life of Advertising/Marketing/PR Managers
Long hours, high stress, and travel are all part of these high-profile management careers. Advertising, marketing, and PR managers often travel to meet clients, special-interest groups, and even government officials. When deadlines approach, managers work long hours along with the teams they supervise, ensuring that benchmarks and goals are met.

Advertising, marketing, and PR managers should be able to thrive under pressure, maintaining organization and communication skills during long hours and overtime. Flexibility with schedules and changing deadlines is also necessary.

Advertising/Marketing/PR Managers Training and Education
Formal education mixed with experience is the preferred background for advertising, marketing, and PR managers. Marketing managers often hold bachelor's degrees or MBA degrees with an emphasis in marketing. Advertising managers often have bachelor's degrees in journalism, while PR managers generally have a bachelor's or master's degree in public relations or journalism.

Internal promotions are a popular way to reach the management level, and related experience in the field is often a necessary requirement among managers. The ability to communicate in a foreign language is a growing requirement, as management opportunities open up in Spanish-speaking areas of the country.

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Advertising/Marketing/PR Managers Employment & Outlook
Though average growth is projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics--about 68,000 jobs are estimated to enter the field through 2016--keen competition is expected for these coveted positions. The best job prospects are expected for college graduates with related experience, strong communication skills, and high creativity.

Computer skills may also be a factor in employment with the Internet expected to be a continuing factor in advertising, marketing, and public relations activities.

Advertising/Marketing/PR Managers: Typical Salary
The BLS reports that advertising and promotions managers saw mean annual earnings of $91,100 in 2007. That same year, marketing managers earned $113,400 and public relations managers earned $97,170. All three occupations saw mean annual earnings over six figures in New York and New Jersey.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, Marketing, PR, and Sales Managers

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