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2011 College Grads: Now is the Time to Start Your Employment Search

Do not wait until you are close to graduation before beginning a job hunt. Planning ahead can alleviate much of the stress of finding work…  Read More

6 Tips for Conducting a Successful Entry-Level Phone Interview

Some companies may prefer to pre-screen applicants through telephone interviews prior to face-to-face meetings. This important first contact can ultimately land job seekers an in-person…  Read More

Ace the Interview: Top 5 Dos and Don'ts

A job interview is all about marketing and casting yourself in a favorable light. Following certain dos and don'ts can make or break your job…  Read More

Don't Give Up the Job Search: Advice for Recent College Graduates

Although the economy has taken a downturn and layoffs have increased, this doesn't mean that recent graduates have no hope of getting a job. Check…  Read More

Entry-Level Jobs: Startups vs. Large Corporations

Students who have completed a college degree can seek employment at a startup company, or a well-established business. Learn more about the benefits of both.  Read More

Fact or Fiction? A Master's Degree Is the Key to Career Success

Earning a professional master's degree can be a smart career move, and online education can make the process easier on your wallet and your schedule.…  Read More

Five Hot Jobs in a Cool Economy

With unemployment rising and many of the country's core industries--auto manufacturing, banking, home construction--falling faster than a lead balloon, it's a tough time to look…  Read More

Get Your Boss to Pay for College

Before you apply for that student loan to pay for your degree or graduate training, try asking your boss for tuition. Many employers offer tuition…  Read More

Good at Math, Science, or Computers? Choosing the right Degree in College can lead to Lucrative Entry Level Jobs

When deciding what major to pursue in college, students should keep in mind that some careers have starting wages that far exceed national averages. College…  Read More

Good news for recent grads: Entry-level jobs increase by 22 percent

Recent graduates, rejoice. According to the results of our 2011 Top Entry-Level Employers survey, entry-level hiring is on the rise. In fact, our findings show…  Read More